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So I've been doing some freelance stuff lately and one of my quizzes is up on a website called SheKnows.com. Go check it out!!


My Budding Songwriter

Julianna made up this song about her sister this morning.

(sung to the tune of Miss Mary Mack)

My baby sister, sister, sister,
She is so cute, cute, cute,
She loves her mommy, mommy, mommy,
I love her too, too, too!!


I Got a Job!

Well, it's been almost 4 months since my daughter was born and I think it's time to get back to work. Actually, I wish I could say I came up with the idea all by myself, but hubby pretty much said I had no choice.

I wanted to find something that might become a career so I applied at a few photography places. You know, like The Picture People. You don't really need experience for those places. They'll train you and I want to learn everything I can about portrait photography. I love taking pictures! Funny enough, when I think back to my childhood, I can remember setting up my own little photo shoots. I would take my dolls and prop them up on my bed and maybe put some books around them or dress them up and take pictures.

I've taken a few classes, but I don't feel confident yet. The place I am going to work at is called Flash. They are a division of LifeTouch. You might recognize that name if you have kids. They do a lot of school pictures. In fact, they did my daughters pictures from preschool.

Anyway, Flash is a little more upscale than The Picture People. They have great backgrounds and really beautiful enhancements like black and white or even watercolor. I can't wait to start training and see what it's like.

As with anything though, I'm nervous about learning a new business. Especially because I'm so new at it. I want to present myself as confident, but really I'm a wreck.

How did you feel about going back to work after having kids? How long did you wait?


5 Reasons I Love My Little Girl

I love my baby's smile,

I love her little belly,

I love her tiny ears,

And her feet so smelly.

Celebrity Baby Bumps

I find it really annoying and insulting that tabloid magazines report on supposed celebrity baby bumps without knowing for sure if someone is pregnant.

If a female star is walking around town and her belly looks swollen or sticks out just a little, the media go crazy wondering if there's a bun in the oven.

What's your take?