Who Knew Dr. Seuss Was a Genius!

I just saw this quote on a website.

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

Love it!


Back to Business

As hectic as it was, Christmas turned out pretty wonderful for us. I hope yours was good too! The only thing that was difficult was keeping the kids spirits up when they were coughing, sneezing, and wiping snot from their face. Yup, both girls were sick! Still, we didn't let it get us down. Big J had a ball opening up her presents. She was so csute with the baby, too.

I've got tons of pictures. Hopefully, I'll get them all uploaded and give you a little sneak peek. I had planned on participating in the Thursday Theme over at The Land of K.A. but I didn't get any pictures of us as a family. How ridiculous is that? I was so caught up in the festivities, I never stopped to snap a pic of the 4 of us. Oh well, maybe next year!

Big J had the best reactions to some of her gifts from Santa. She literally squealed when she saw the Princess Cash Register and Tea Time with Belle. We had a totally princess christmas. Oh and she loved, loved, loved the Baby Alive doll my sister got her. Personally, I think it's kinda creepy. Little J loved everything, including the wrapping paper. Both of my kids are spoiled on Christmas. The amount of presents is just overwhelming.

We spent most of yesterday peeling wrapping paper off the floor, putting new toys away and reorganizing old toys. I'm just getting to the pile of laundry today. By the end of the week, things should be back to normal.


Closed For The Holidays

This mama is taking a break for the holidays! I hope to see you all back here on Wednesday. Take lots of pictures and enjoy these next few days with your families!!


By the Light of Day

This is one of my favorite pictures of Big J. It was taken in the back of my husband's Mustang (which is no longer taking up space in the garage, yay!). It was a bright winter day last year. Actually, I think it was after Christmas and I was having fun using my new camera, a Canon Rebel XTi. I just think she looks so sweet and her eyes really stand out.

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Still Waiting For That Holiday Cheer

The last few days have been so stressful. Not because of shopping or holiday parties, but because my children are driving me crazy. Mostly, my 4 year-old. She is going through a phase right now, hopefully one that won't last much longer. I think it's jealousy towards the baby. Whatever it is, she has been hitting Little J. Sometimes, for no reason.

This morning she came downstairs - the baby and I were already awake - and I said good morning to her. I said good morning to her from the baby too and she walked over to her and slapped her right on the chest. Then, she starts crying and says, "I didn't want her to say good morning to me!" Are you kidding? I was so pissed. It was 7 o'clock in the morning for pete's sake. This is not how I want to start my day.

This used to be my favorite time of the year but now I feel like all I've been doing is yelling and threatening to tell Santa what a naughty girl Big J has been. I dread going out in public with the both of them because it almost always ends with me storming out of a store. Little J hates being restrained in any way so that means car seats and strollers are like torture chambers for her. If she starts crying, then Big J gets angry and that's when the fighting begins. I feel so beaten down, physically and mentally. I'm exhausted.

The grinch in me is actually dreading Christmas morning because I know it will inevitably end in tears. Here's how I imagine it. The baby will be after every single toy Big J gets and my zero patience preschooler will be screaming, "No!" all morning.

Every day feels like a battle lately. And it's not just my kids. My husband has been on my back about working so much. Yes, the very same man who basically forced me to go out and get a job.

I can't even finish this post without having to get up and break up a fight.....


Finally A Tooth!

Baby J got her first tooth yesterday! Now my little monkey's smile is going to change. I've always said I would be disappointed once she starts getting teeth because I love her toothless grin. She smiles with her whole face. She's going to look so different now!

Enjoy your weekend!


Things They Are a-Changing

This is the first time I'm participating in a Thursday Theme. Woot! The topic is change and I thought this picture of the baby is perfect. Change is on the horizon as she gets ready to walk. Yes, people! She's not even 9 months old and she's pulling herself up onto EVERYTHING! My older daughter didn't walk until she was 14 months old! In this picture, it looks like she's trying to fill her big sister's shoes, albeit a few months too soon!


Defending My Honor

So I finally confronted the guy I work with on Sunday. Let me try and explain what happened. I had just finished a session with an awesome little girl and was about to process their images. I was sitting in front of the computer and my co-worker, I'll call him Dufus, popped his head out of the back room and asked if I wanted him to enhance my session so that I could photograph the next one coming in. He was on the phone with my manager at that point. I said I would rather not because I really wanted to see this session through. I liked the family and I didn't want him messing with my pictures. And by that I just mean he has a completely different style than me as far as enhancing goes. I was afraid he would delete an image that I might otherwise keep.

So I think that pissed him off. Maybe he didn't want to get off the phone, who knows. He goes up front to set up the winter scene we have. Now remember I had just finished a session so the background I used was still up. I walked up front to help another customer. He was rushing to get the scene set up and one of the props fell which made a pretty loud noise. The customers were standing right there and it was awkward because he didn't even say anything. As I was walking away he says to me, "Um Stacy, next time could you please clean up when you're done with a session," with a major attitude. This was in front of the customers as well. I didn't say a word and just walked away.

I was fuming. First of all, he was being unprofessional. If he had a problem, he should have talked to me about it after the session, away from the customers. Plus, when he was done with that family, he did THE SAME EXACT THING! The background was left as is and the props were all over the place while he sat at the computer and processed their images. Hipocritical? I think so.

So the little girl I photographed came back to view her images and I started the sales process with them. In the meantime, another session had come in, the one he wanted me to do, but since I was in a sale, he had to do it.

After my sale was done, he walks up to me, in an accusatory way and says, "Why didn't you sell them a CD?" He was still in the middle of his own sale and I didn't feel like I needed to answer to him (he's not in a position of authority) so I walked away. He then says, "Don't walk away from me." I almost lost it. I don't even let me husband talk to me that way.

It doesn't end there people. I was finishing up some stuff on the computer next to him. He's still in the middle of a sale, showing the customer a frame we have, when he turns to me and says, "Could you hang this up?"

Again, I ignored him. When the end of the night came and we were all done, I approached him in the back room, told him I thought he was rude and unprofessional and that I would appreciate it in the future if he could address any problems he has with me away from the customers. All he was concerned about was me not selling that one family a CD. Needless to say, I called my manager and let her know what happened and that I handled it as professionally as I could. She's already received several complaints about him from other employees as well as customers and she said he'll be gone after the holidays.

I'm glad I said something, but as soon as I left that night, I walked outside, called my mom and cried my eyes out. I guess I was holding in all that adrenaline and frustration and it came out in tears. I don't think what I said will make a difference, he's just a jerk all around, but at least I stood up for myself.


Tellin' It Like It Is

My husband put up our Christmas lights this weekend. Nothing fancy, but it definitely makes it feel more festive.

At one point he got a ladder out of the garage and my daughter looked at him and said, "Now that's something you don't see everyday!!"

Here's my best shot for this dreary Monday. Big J decided to throw a party on Saturday for all of her favorite stuffed animals. She filled out invitations, made party hats and I even indulged her with a real chocolate cake. It was fabulous darling!

P.S. I just wanted you all to know that my post from Friday was all in good fun. I was being sarcastic. I actually did end up confronting my favorite co-worker yesterday. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

little bsm button


5 Ways to Deal With an Annoying Co-Worker

This is the first time I've had a job in years. I was home with Big J for a long time after I gave birth, not because I chose to be, but because I lost my job while I was pregnant. So, being part of the working world again has been quite an adjustment. I work nights so it's been exhausting to spend the whole day with the girls and then jet off to my job until 11:00. Plus, this time of year is stressful at my job. I work at a portrait studio so you can imagine my days. They're filled with screaming, crying children, frustrated parents, and, like the title suggests, annoying co-workers.

There is one guy in particular that really rubs me the wrong way. Let me just paint a picture for you. When I first started, he had these long, really gross dreadlocks. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I just don't understand the appeal of dreadlocks. Anyway, he's loud, rude, careless, and lazy. Quite a combination, don't ya think? I don't work with him all that much, but because the holidays are so busy, we've been crossing paths quite a bit. It's gotten to the point where I dread working with him. I usually end up in an arguement with him at some point during our shift. Because everyone else has complained about him to the manager, I don't want to add to her stress. I figured I would try to come up with a few ways to deal with him on my own.

1. Sabotage his sales. There are times when we're asked to enhance each other's images so that things in the studio run smoothly. I was thinking I could out myself in a position to enhance a session that he photographed and crop all the images horribly. I would leave in the worst pictures instead of deleting down. I would forget to add a border or spell the customer's name incorrectly.

2. Mess with his schedule. There are times when I'm working and he's not that he'll call to get his schedule. I could tell him the wrong days and times.

3. Treat him like a child There's nothing a guy hates more than a woman who acts like his mother. I'll just imagine I'm talking to a 4 year-old the next time he wants to have a conversation. You know, get down to his level, talk slowly and firmly, and threaten a time out if he doesn't cooperate.

4. Refuse to deal with him. I could just pretend he doesn't exist. When he asks me a question, I'll stare blankly in his direction. I won't say hello, goodbye, how are you or anything at all.

5. Confront him. I don't really like to fight with people. I'm actually really terrible at it. Still, everyone has a breaking point. I think my best bet is to just stand up for myself. The next time he wants to take a break after working only 2 hours while I've been there for 6 without lunch, I have to open my mouth. The next time he wants a favor from me after I've got my jacket on and I'm on my way out the door, I just have to say "I can't." The next time he's rude, I'll have to call him on it.

Have you ever had to deal with an annoying co-worker? What did you do?


10 Reasons I Love Christmas

10. I love getting presents. Who doesn't, right?

9. Spending time with family. Christmas Eve we get together with my husband's family and all the kids open presents. It's a total mad house. There are 11 nieces and nephews throwing wrapping paper everywhere. Then, on Christmas day, my family comes here. Big J and Little J are the only kids on my side so it's much quieter. I love watching Big J open her presents. She doesn't even care what's inside. She just loves seeing present after present. When it's all over, she usually asks, "That's it?" She's so spoiled!

8. I love shopping. I actually enjoy trying to find the perfect gift for whoever I'm shopping for. I don't mind being out in the mall with all the chaos. I do, however, loathe waiting on line. It sucks!

7. Lights. The soft glow of Christmas lights makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.

6. Baking. As if I need another excuse to make cookies or cake.

5. Getting holiday cards. I love seeing updated pictures of all my friends and family. People are so creative today, too. I love to display all the cards we get too.

4. Decorations. Ornaments, pointsettas, santa, snowmen, garland; I love it all!

3. The music. Big J adores her Kidz Bop Christmas CD. In fact, we were listening to it during the summer. Now all we have to do is turn on the radio.

2. Giving gifts. I may complain about having to buy gifts for a million people, but I love the feeling I get when the

1. Enjoying the holiday through my daughters' eyes. The baby is too small to understand what's going on, but Big J's excitement is contagious. Like me, she enjoys everything about Christmas. Her imagination allows her to believe wholeheartedly in Santa Claus. She loves picking out gifts for her cousins. She had a ball helping me decorate the house. I can't wait for her to wake up Christmas morning and rip open her presents. Them, we'll sit down to a big family breakfast with eggs, bacon, french toast, cinnamon rolls, and apple juice. She'll play with her new toys for a little while before we get all dressed up to see Grandma and Grandpa and open more presents. I love it!!!!!!

What's your favorite part of the holidays?


Just One More Reason I'm Not Having Another Child With This Jackass

Heard in my house this morning at 4:45 a.m.

"Waaaa Waaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaa!"
Me: "Honey, can you see if she'll go back to sleep?
Him: (frustrated groan)
Me: "If she sees me she won't go back to sleep."
Him: (angrily throwing the covers back)

"Waaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhh Waaaaaaaaaaaa"
(this continued for what felt like an eternity)

It finally got quiet, but only for a second.
He put the baby back in her crib, stormed out of her room and plopped into bed and she was still screaming. I let it go for as long as I possibly could. Big J is in the room right next to the baby and I didn't want her to wake up.

Me: "So I have to get up?
Him" "I'm not getting up."
Me: "Why not?"
Him: "It's not my fault you got home so late."

I work nights and didn't get into bed until midnight. Refer back to title.


7 Reasons I'm Totally Weird

A while back Melinda tagged me for this meme and I'm finally getting around to it. Here goes...

1. When I get up to pee in the middle of the night, I won't flush the toilet. I know it's gross, but I'm paranoid that the noise will wake the baby because her room is right behind the bathroom.

2. I've always wanted a nickname. My brother has one. His friends call him Moe.

3. I love cheesy teen movies like "Can't Hardly Wait," and "American Pie."

4. My husband has been begging me to get another dog for months now and I keep refusing him. We already have one pain in the butt chihuahua, I don't need another puppy pissing all over the place. Still, I secretly want one. Shhh, don't tell him.

5. I have a plantar's wart on the heel of my foot and it won't go away!

6. I LOVE "Friday Night Lights!"

7. I really don't like being naked. I wish I felt more comfortable but, ever since I had kids, my body is just mushy. As soon as I get out of the shower, I put on a bathrobe and I refuse to look in a mirror.

Christmas Cheer

I spent most of the weekend working, but managed to squeeze in a few minutes to snap a picture of my girls for our Christmas card. It's so difficult to get them together now that Little J is moving around. I think this one came out cute though. What do ya think?

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A Mom's Holiday Jingle

Well, it's December! Let the countdown begin. To celebtrate my absolute favorite time of the year I penned a little diddy about the craziness of Christmas (sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Dashing through the stores,
Everything's on sale they say,
Got two kids in tow,
Whining all the way.

Santa didn't show
making the kids fight,
What fun it'll be to try and get
Them both in bed tonight.

Oh Christmas trees, presents please,
How will I ever pay?
There's no room in my house to hide the gifts so no one sees