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How Do You Handle Lying?

This morning I caught my daughter in a lie. It's wasn't a huge deal but I was unsure how to deal with it.

She was eating an english muffin and kept complaining that she didn't want to finish it. This was actually her second meal. The first one she rejected because there "were black things in it." When I looked, I found nothing.

Anyway, when she asked me for a drink I told her she had to finish at least one half of the muffin. She does that all the time. She fills up on milk, or juice, or water but not her food. I walked out of the room and sat down on the couch. A minute later she came over and said she had finished her english muffin. She showed me her plate and I said "good job."

When I went to throw the crumbs in the garbage, I found the half of the muffin she was supposed to have eaten. Immediately, she started to cry and ran into room. I told her, very calmy, to come talk to me. I told her I was disappointed that she lied to me. She kept coming up with excuses like, "I was confused about how to tell the truth." She's started doing this lately. When she gets in trouble, she'll make up an excuse like, "Well, I meant to say yes I'll put my toys away, not no."

I'm not sure how to react to it all. I try not to yell, really I do, but it doesn't always work. Is it really that big of a deal? Kids do stuff like that, right? She's only 5 years old.

How do you handle situations like this?


It's Been A Long Time

I was doing so good keeping up with the blog, but now I'm on a downward spiral. The month of June has been a hectic one to say the least. I've been in the emergency room twice and have had to deal with the in-laws for the last three weeks. My stress level is through the roof. Thank goodness that the month is ending and I can finally get back into a routine. I wish I had time to complain about it all. Maybe one day soon.

I hope your summer is going well!!


Hello Summer!

School is officially out!!


The In-laws are Coming!

The day has finally arrived. My in-laws come home from Sicily tomorrow and they'll be staying put for the next 3 weeks.

I'm nervously anticipating their homecoming. What's it going to be like? Are they going to complain about everything? How the heck are we all going to share a bathroom? Are the girls going to wake them up in the morning? Is she going to mess with my laundry? Am I ever going to be allowed to cook? Oy!

If I don't post for the next few days you'll know why. Wish me luck!!

Hello Monday

So nice to see you. Do me a favor though ~ next time, please don't wake me up until AFTER 5:30 mkay?

Here are a few of my best shots from this weekend that make me smile.