100 Things

1. My name is Stacy.
2. I'll be married for 5 years in Sept. 2006.
3. I have a chihuahua named Coco.
4. I have a twin sister.
5. I have lived in NJ all my life.
6. My sister once dated my husband (a LONG time ago).
7. I love taking pictures.
8. I am a magazine junkie.
9. I love celebrity culture.
10. I used to write for a teen magazine called Twist. Yes, I've written quizzes like, "Are You a Flirt?"
11. I was Homecoming Queen my freshman year in high school.
12. I hate the care I drive. A Dodge Stratus
13. I miss my minivan.
14. I love to shop.
15. My mother and my sister are my best friends.
16. I wear contacts.
17. I love to eat out.
18. I hate to cook.
19. I want to publish a book someday. The problem is I have too many ideas and can't commit to one.
20. I love General Hospital.
21. I've moved 5 times already.
22. I met Ben Affleck.
23. I used to interview boy bands and teen stars.
24. I need to exercise more.
25. I want another child but I am terrified!
26. I used to play softball.
27. I love to sing (even though my voice is awful).
28. I've been compared to Alvin & the Chipmunks.
29. I love everything 80's.
30. I love MTV.
31. My current crush is Patrick Dempsey.
32. I love ice cream.
33. I live inside my head which can be a blessing and a curse (mostly it's a curse!)
34. My boobs are saggy.
35. I love to curse.
36. I work at The Little Gym.
37. I enjoy organizing things.
38. I wish I had a bigger laundry room.
39. I'm Catholic, although I'm not a good one.
40. I don't follow politics.
41. I've never been in the hospital (except for giving birth).
42. I grew up wanting to be famous (still secretly desire it).
43. I LOVE Oprah!!
44. I went to Aruba on my honeymoon.
45. I don't collect anything.
46. I never throw anything away.
47. I love reality TV!
48. This is so damn hard
49. I have blue eyes.
50. I hate my stomach.
51. I love Italian food.
52. I hate to throw up.
53. My favorite drink is a margarita.
54. I am scared to get pregnant again.
55. I actually feel sorry for Britney Spears.
56. I have never voted.
57. I can cry at the drop of a hat. Seriously!
58. A friend of mine committed suicide in high school.
59. I have been pregnant 3 times but only have 1 child (I was 16, then I had a miscarriage, then I had J).
60. My hubby's parents have a house in Italy that I have never been to but really want to see.
61. I graduated college with a degree in English.
62. I love the ocean.
63. I hate airplanes.
64. I hate cold weather.
65. I am addicted to awards shows.
66. I don't like to wear jewelry.
67. I wish I had a bigger house.
68. I LOVE chocolate.
69. I don't have sex with my husband as often as I should.
70. My husband has no idea about this blog.
71. I would love to go to Sundance one day.
72. Am I almost done yet?
73. My teeth are crooked.
74. I have nice feet.
75. My favorite color is purple.
76. I collect celebrity photo books.
77. Death scares the shit out of me.
78. I wish I was taller.
79. I wish I was skinnier.
80. I wish I had curly hair.
81. Am I annoying enough for you yet?
82. My daughter's favorite book right now is "Green Eggs and Ham."
83. Sometimes I don't like being a mom.
84. I ALWAYS feel quilty about something.
85. I've never been to the Statue of Liberty and I live only 30 minutes away.
86. It's taking me almost a week to complete this damn thing.
87. I used to have 2 dogs. Had to give one away when J was born because he kept peeing all over her toys.
88. I met my husband in a NYC nightclub that has since closed it's doors.
89. I had an amazing time at my wedding.
90. My sister is getting married in July and I can't wait.
91. I think I am a pretty good dancer.
92. I have 2 brothers.
93. There was a time growing up that I thought my parents were going to get divorced, but they stuck it out and I am soo happy for that.
94. I am the queen of unfinished projects.
95. I love the outdoors.
96. I am not very good with money.
97. I love to sing at the top of my lungs.
98. Sometimes I think I am dyslexic.
99. I would love to open a photography studio one take.
100. There is one thing I know for sure in this life: I am lucky to be alive and have a beautiful daughter and wonderful husband.


Nicole said...

Wow, you did it! I trouble with my list, too. Do you think it would have been as hard before becomming a SAHM?

It is scary to get pregnant again. I was terrified I just ruined my daughter's life. But, in the end, I think it's better form them (I speak as an only child).

Anonymous said...

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