Oscar Fun

Did I say fun? Well, there were a few bright spots. Here are a few of my faves ...

Ben Stiller and his green screen bit.

Will Ferrell and Steve Carrell presenting for achievement in makeup.

Jennifer Garner almost wiping out on her way to the mic. She looked gorgeous though.

Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep presenting to Robert Altman.

Um, how hot is Salma Hayek?!?!?

Oh, and is it just me or did Jennifer Lopez look REALLY tan?

I love Phillip Seymour Hoffman, but all I hear when he talks is, "fucking idiot, I'm such a fucking idiot." (Boogie Nights)

Go Reese!!!Yay!!!!!

I loved "Crash" so I'm really happy they won. If you didn't see it, run to Blockbuster!

P.S. I put a poll up about Oscar’s worst dress. Go ahead, vote!!


Kristen said...

I posted a few things as well - I was happy about Reese... and Salma is HOT.

Kristen said...

PS the url for Cool Mom Shit is now



Nicole said...

I didn't make it up for all of it. But, Ben Stiller was funny! He has no shame.

I didn't see Reese win, but I'm glad she did. I didn't see her movie yet, but she is so likable.

Capote was a great movie and Hoffman was excellent.

~d said...

I tried to watch it but t1j was too into the movie clips and some of the movie clips were too 'adult' for him to be seeing...I like the hearing abt it after anyway, so I am glad I checked in with you!

Suzanne said...

Can you send me some of that oatmeal dust? We sure need it here.

Suzanne said...

Umm, put that comment with the preceding post. Sorry about that!

To make this an appropriate comment, let me just say that I thought the audience just didn't get Jon Stewart's humor. I thought he was very funny, but the, umm, low-key audience reactions were a little uncomfortable.

Stephanie said...

I just LOVE Reese too. Thought Nicole Kidman looked very elegant. But what the hell was Naomi Watts wearing?

Carrcakes said...

I'm a little concerned by just how much I love Reese Witherspoon. She's so articulate, cute, genuine, and has great taste in baby names.

cmhl said...

I TOTALLY thought of boogie nights too!

FUCKING idiot...


I think Reese is great as well..