Britney Spears on Dateline

Okay, who was watching last night? Did you see miss Britney on Dateline? Well, watchda think?

I felt sorry for her. She may have done some dumbass things but she's human. How do you think you would measure up being under a microscope 24/7?

I certainly wouldn't win any Mother of the Year awards. When J was a little over a year, she fell down a flight of stairs on to hardwood flooring. She also fell off my bed once. And I turned her around in her carseat earlier than I should have.

She's so young and she's been scrutinized by the press ever since she was a little girl. I can understand wanting to live a normal life, but it's just not possible for her. Unless she became a hermit or something.

Anyway, I didn't believe her one bit when she was talking about K-Fed and their 'awesome' marriage. They're doomed. It's just a matter of time. I give her props for trying to make it work, but it just doesn't seem possible.

I'm curious what you guys think. Are you on team Britney?


Petite Mom Blogger said...

I wasn't able to watch the entire interview.

But I'll be honest and say that I do feel sorry for her. We all make mistakes but hers is photographed and put in a magazine.

Nancy said...

I'm not a fan, but I do feel kind of sorry for her. I think she's kind of a normal everyday girl who was thrown into a life that seems to overwhelm her. And the scrutiny, it's just merciless. I do believe that people who achieve fame are subject to scrutiny -- but I also believe that they don't always know what that means, exactly, until it starts happening. And hey, I know I'm not always grace under pressure, so I expect there are stars that are the same way.

That said -- BOY, she makes it easy for those who want to pick on her. She seriously needs a new publicist.

bubandpie said...

I didn't see the interview (blogging is seriously cutting into my TV-viewing time) but I'm with you: Britney is clearly a tragically foolish girl, but I can't imagine parenting under the kind of scrutiny she's facing.

Jen said...

Shoot! I missed it! I wanted to watch it, but thought it was on tonight for some reason. Ugh! Anyway, I saw clips on on of the entertainment shows earlier in the week. And to be honest, I feel so bad for her. They showed part of her talking about K-Fed. And although she was trying to sound so brave and that everything was ok....she was showing obvious signs that it was a lie. Her tone of voice changed, she'd look down. It was sad. And to be unhappy and pregnant! Oy! I'm the same age as her(I think) and I already have 2 kids. My second was born exacty one week before her little boy....but I have a very supportive husband. I couldn't imagine having to deal with all of that man's crap. And all of her little mishaps...with the exception of the on the lap driving....its just honest first(or second!) mommy stuff.

MrsFortune said...

Oooh!! I posted about the same thing! How funny. I am most definitely NOT on team Brittney, she's an idiot and there's no excuse for her behavior. Maybe not the most popular opinion but even though you (or I) won't win mom of the year, I guarantee you never let your kid ride in the front seat on your lap.

Pattie said...

Well, she has made some mistakes, but I think people should cut her some slack. I did not see the interview. I am here in Italy and the only English channel is CNN...boo hoo:(

Anonymous said...

I'm on Team Brittney. I think she's just unable to handle the paparazzi and be a mommy at the same time. I don't own any of her music though, cuz I can't stand her voice, but I agree with you that she is human, and everyone makes mistakes. I've felt sorry for her since the baby on her lap thing. Obviously she doesn't do that all the time, she was trying to get away from the papp. Driving with a 5 month old, I'm sure is not an easy task.

T. said...

I already ranted about this on Mrs. Fortune's blog, so I don't want to make an ass of myself again.

I get that she is young, and stalked. But she did sign up for it...And there is no excuse for the baby ride on the lap...

And for pete's sake, spit out the damn gum! She's giving rednecks everywhere a bad name!

T. said...

I already ranted about this on Mrs. Fortune's blog, so I don't want to make an ass of myself again.

I get that she is young, and stalked. But she did sign up for it...And there is no excuse for the baby ride on the lap...

And for pete's sake, spit out the damn gum! She's giving rednecks everywhere a bad name!

Stephanie said...

I didn't see the interview, but have been dissapointed with her behavior ever since she drove around with her baby son on her lap. That was just plain stupid.

It's okay, Sweetie said...

Ugh. First of all, her PR agent should NOT have allowed those nasty close-ups. The clumps in her mascara made me want to reach through the tv screen to fix 'em. And rip the gum out of he mouth. Everyone agrees on that. I did enjoy watching her cry AND chew at the same time. That's an art.

Yes, I too began to feel bad for her, but remember that's why she did it folks. Damage control. Matt with his soft-spoken tones and Brittany crying on cue when asked about the 'razzi.

Last time I checked, the definition of low profile didn't include tongue-hockey with Madonna. Of COURSE camera crews will follow her around. And she insists on holding her baby while drinking in high heels. Why doesn't she have the Nanny assist her like all the other celebs do? (David Spade had a hilarious take on that during Mother's Day)

I'm sure her PR people and those at the record label forced her to do this. And for that I feel bad. Because LA can really manipulate those poor bastards. But it all comes with fame!

Karla said...

I feel bad because she clearly has so much potential and she's just wasting it by spending time with that piece of trash.

I feel sorry for her because she obviously fired her publicist and her stylist because there is now way in HELL they would have let her on DATELINE looking like that.

I feel sorry for her because she's really young and not very bright. Some of her "bobbles" with the baby are simple oops's when it comes to being a mom that have been splattered all over the news. The car seat and the driving issues though...are just stupid and lazy.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the whole thing, just the parts about how Kevin is simple and has a "big heart".

Apparently his heart is not big enough for him to actually be a good husband and father. And if a man's big heart can't accomplish that, then what is it good for anyway?

How low is her self-esteem anyway, that she has to be with this guy?

Meg said...

I'm sorry, but I'm not a part of Team Britney.

No, I wouldn't look the best in the spotlight, either, but I don't put myself in it! She knew that being famous would put her whole life out under the microscope. Yes, accidents happen, like Sean falling out of the highchair. BUT driving down the road with him in your lap??? Not safe. Not cool.

I've just lost a lot of respect for the girl. I don't hate her, but I'm definately not defending her.

chelle said...

I just think if she really wanted to disappear and raise her kids in peace she could. However there is a part of her that cannot give up the fame (and in turn sacrificing her career so I get that!)

Everyone makes mistakes, however they did not tramp all over Madonna when she became a mom.

mamatulip said...

I have to say I agree with Nancy -- she makes it very easy for people to target her and take "cheap shots". The interview with Matt Lauer was a chance for her to show the world that she has her shit together, and to me, she blew it. The hair, the makeup, the clothes, THE GUM CHEWING...she really could have pulled this interview off and she didn't. I think she blew it.

Zephra said...

Britney made a fool of herself. She wants to be in the spotlight and she knows what they means.

As for the Bad mom stuff:

Driving with the baby sitting in your lap is not a mistake. It is stupidity.

Turning the car seat around too soon, happens sometimes.

And tripping while holding the baby can happen too but most women are not stupid enough to carry a baby while wearing high heels.

Britney, get a shirt that covers your boobs, spit out the gum. Fix your right eye makeup, and drop your worthless husband.

sunshine scribe said...

She is in desperate need of some new PR people. Seriously. I agree that the media are so sensational when it comes to peeking into stars lives but at the same time that is what they signed up for. She chose her career and to market herself on the media circuit pre-pregnancy so with the fame and the cash comes this nasty side of her business. That having been said, I feel for her and can't imagine how this marriage could possible last.

Nicole said...

I saw the interview and thought it was painful to watch -- kind of like a car wreck. It's horrible, but you can't turn away.

I think Britney is not the sharpest tool in the shed. It is quite obvious she just doesn't get it. I don't think she fooled too many people.

And, like others, the gum chewing drove me crazy!

Courtney said...

Listen, I have had my moments when I feel like I could be a better mother. But, I also feel like I learn from my mistakes. I am not sure that Britney does. After all the flak from the episode with him driving in her lap, don't you think she would be extra careful afterwards? And, she has the benefit of an entire staff to help her!

I am not heartless -- I *do* feel badly for her because I don't think she has the guidance she needs. She needs someone to give her a good shake, tell her to grow up, ditch the husband, and shun the limelight until her kids are older. She certainly doesn't need the money, no matter how much she likes it.

I might have been less harsh if she weren't chewing that infernal gum throughout the entire interview!!

Manic Mom said...

Divorce is imminent. Is that a picture of K-Fed with no corn rows? Missed the interview, but would have liked to see Brit in tears.

carrie said...

The interview was totally my guilty pleasure for the week. I don't know why I watch ... train wreck mentality, I guess. Anyway, thoughts on Britney? I feel bad for her because she is in the public eye and every mom deserves a little elbow room while navigating the waters of new-motherhood. That said, she looked awful and if I were going on national tv, I would pay someone big bucks to pretty me up!!! Because it's hard to follow her responses, thanks to creative slpicing in the editing room, it seemed like she didn't answer Matt's ?'s completely. And when he asked her to describe her child, which isn't like selling his photos to the Enquirer or something, she takes the 5th. I mean, come on, is your celebrity kid going to be mad if you say he has the cutest smile and loves his exersaucer?

I do wish she had some privacy because then we'd all get a break! Sorry for the rambling :)