Perfect Post Awards

It's that time again. Time to honor a fellow blogger with a perfect post award.

This month, I chose Christina at A Mommy Story for this post.

She recently celebrated a big milestone, her 30th birthday. So many women around the blogosphere are getting ready to say good-bye to their 20's, as am I.

She talks about what she's learned and what she wants for the future. After reading Christina's post I feel inspired. I am actually looking forward to my 30's.

I love Christina's writing and look forward to hearing her stories about motherhood. She's also smart and funny and has one beautiful little girl!

If you haven't found her already, go check out A Mommy Story!

I also really enjoyed reading this post over at The State of Discontent. And I loved this poem from Mommy off the Record to her son on the eve of his first birthday.

Check out the rest of the awards at Petroville.


Mommy off the Record said...

Thanks for the linky shout out! I can't believe we were giving each other linky love at approximately the same time yesterday. We must be psychic bloggers. (That's psychic NOT psycho).

chelle said...

Great posts! Great Choices!

Karla said...

you made a great decision.