Could You Be the Next Perez Hilton?

Just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I can't indulge in a little celeb trash talking. One of the websites I check daily is perezhilton.com. I love his snarky comments about celebrities like Britney Spears. I've often wondered whether I could dish it out like he does, no holds barred. So I put together this mini quiz. See if you've got what it takes to be the next gossip guru.

1. A publicist contacts you with juicy details about a late night rendevous between two hot celebrity "friends." What do you do?
a. Open up your laptop and share the news with everyone you know.
b. Wait to see if a picture surfaces.
c. Give the stars their privacy.

2. You overhear the conversation of a famous director on his cell phone complaining about the star of his latest flick.
a. Find out what project he's working on and out the diva actress.
b. Write a blind item on your blog and let the readers figure it out.
c. Smile, but keep the gossip to yourself.

3. You're at a club with friends when a well-known pop star stumbles by, obviously wasted, and she looks upset.
a. Pull the Blackberry out and start typing away.
b. Try to snap a pic on your cell phone.
c. Feel sorry for her and walk the other way.

4. A friend of a friend comes to you with some news about a young starlet who was seen shoplifting from a popular boutique in Hollywood. What do you do?
a. Post the item with quotes from an "anonymous source."
b. Hold on to the item and see if anything else surfaces.
c. Shrug it off as untrue.

Get your results below ...

(mostly a's)
Celeb Stalker
You've definitely got what it takes to dish the dirt on celebrities. There are no boundaries as far as you're concerned. If they're famous, they're fair game.

Gossip Wannabe
You'd be a good entertainment reporter, but the queen of all media you are not. You may like reading tabloid magazines like US Weekly, but that doesn't mean you could hang with the heavy hitters.

My Lips are Sealed
You totally understand people's obsession with celebrities, but that doesn't mean you'd be able to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. You would feel bad posting information about who's gay, who's straight, who's doing drugs or sleeping around.

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