Knee Deep in Snot

Well, the first cold of the season has hit here at casa de mommy. Big J, Little J, and myself are all under the weather.

The baby got it the worst so far. She's miserable. Big J has a nasty sounding cough and my throat is killing me. Lovely!

I wanted to post a quick note about the Caravan. My test drive period is over tomorrow and I'm so bummed. It was so nice to have, especially over the holiday weekend. We drove to my mom's house for Thanksgiving and it's about an hour away. It was awesome to have the DVD player. I could just pop in a video and before "The Little Mermaid," was over, we had reached our destination. No whining about when we were gonna get to Grandma's house. Big J could listen to the movie with earphones on and I could listen to my favorite music. We were all happy.

The ride was so smooth I had to remind myself to slow down a little. You don't feel like you're going as fast as you are.

Anyway, I'll post some more later this week, but if you have this car or are in the market to buy one, I'm so totally jealous of you.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


melody is slurping life said...

Oh dear, hope everyone is healthy soon.

I wanted to comment on your BSM, but the photo didn't have a way for me to do so. Here I am.

That shot of baby made my heart soar, too. Adorable and so happy!

I know you can hear me... said...

I'm with melody - I was seeking out a way to tell you how FANTASTIC your BSM shot is. It is absolutely amazing!

Mama of 2 said...

sickness has been going around the preschool I work at...actually had about 1/2 the students out today.

Girlie Girlie has a nasty cough and a snotty nose but so far seems to be weathering it as well as can be expected.

Good luck at your house.