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As hectic as it was, Christmas turned out pretty wonderful for us. I hope yours was good too! The only thing that was difficult was keeping the kids spirits up when they were coughing, sneezing, and wiping snot from their face. Yup, both girls were sick! Still, we didn't let it get us down. Big J had a ball opening up her presents. She was so csute with the baby, too.

I've got tons of pictures. Hopefully, I'll get them all uploaded and give you a little sneak peek. I had planned on participating in the Thursday Theme over at The Land of K.A. but I didn't get any pictures of us as a family. How ridiculous is that? I was so caught up in the festivities, I never stopped to snap a pic of the 4 of us. Oh well, maybe next year!

Big J had the best reactions to some of her gifts from Santa. She literally squealed when she saw the Princess Cash Register and Tea Time with Belle. We had a totally princess christmas. Oh and she loved, loved, loved the Baby Alive doll my sister got her. Personally, I think it's kinda creepy. Little J loved everything, including the wrapping paper. Both of my kids are spoiled on Christmas. The amount of presents is just overwhelming.

We spent most of yesterday peeling wrapping paper off the floor, putting new toys away and reorganizing old toys. I'm just getting to the pile of laundry today. By the end of the week, things should be back to normal.

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