Good Heavens!

I was driving in the car yesterday, on my way to Target, when Big J and I got into an awkward conversation.

"Everybody has a mom, right mommy?"

"Well sweetie, unfortunately not everyone has a mommy."


"Some kids have mommies who are heaven."

"What's heaven?"

"It's a place in the clouds where your soul goes when you die."

"You're not gonna die, right mommy?"

"No sweetie."

"And daddy's not gonna die, right mommy?"


"And (Little J)'s never gonna die, right?"

"No way Jose."

"And my whole family's not gonna go to heaven, right mama?"

"No sweetie, you're stuck with us for a loooong time!"

I never know what to say when topics like this come up. How do you explain things like death and heaven and spirit and faith? Was it right to say that no not everyone has a mom. Should I have just played dumb, at least for a little while longer? She's only 4.


carrie said...

I know. They do ask some tough questions, don't they?

Sorry, that's not much help.

Melinda Zook said...

I just started getting these questions too and it is so hard to get around them. My son doesn't seem to accept any of my answers, he always asks for more...drives me nuts!