I was dressing Big J for school this morning and put a turtleneck on her. The first time she wore it, she thought the name was hilarious. This time she tried to remember the name.

Her: "Mommy is this my tadpole?"

Me: "No."

Her: "Oh, is it a tadpole neck?"

Me: "No sweetie, it's a turtleneck!" :)

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Mother Hubbard said...

OMG this cracked me up!
Ive ust found your blog this evening - I am so so new to this blogging world and havent left many comments but just had to leave one for you... I hope you donnt mind me saying so but reading your blog is like someone reading my diary - so although we dont know one another and will never meet just know your not alone in your thoughts, they dont make you a bad or ungrateful person - they make you a human, a mummy human. Sending big happy thoughts your way xoxo