My Little Girl is Going Big Time!

Last night my husband and I registered Big J for Kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN! I can't believe it. Where did the time go?

I liked the school, but it makes me a little nervous that she'll be taking the bus. Not because it's someone else driving her around, but because there will be other kids on the bus. Older kids. Kids who might tease her. Kids who might not let her sit down.

Oh God, I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes already. What if she feels scared or lonely? What if someone bullies her? Ugh! I'm going to be a wreck the day that I have to send my little girl, my baby, off to big kid school.

In my heart, I know she'll be fine. She makes friends easily. I just can't help imagine every worst case scenario I can think of. I suppose it's natural. If you think about it, it's the first of many times I'll have to watch her grow up from the sidelines. She doesn't need her mommy as much anymore. And even though there are times I want her to be more independent, part of me will be heartbroken when she takes those steps towards becoming her own person. I wish she could stay little forever.


Meg said...

I don't even want to think about Squeaks going to kindergarted. Good luck to you!

Audrey said...

I loved your post. There is nothing like a mama bear protecting her young. My kids are older now, but even now if someone is mean to my kids I just go nuts. All I can say is take lots and lots of photos.

Audrey :)