I'm Such an Idiot

My mom wants to take Big J and I to see "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway. She mentioned it over the holidays and I just got around to ordering the tickets this morning. I used Ticketmaster and searched for available dates in April.

I finally settled on April 19, a Saturday, at 2:00 and purchased the tickets. I went to put it on the calendar we have hanging in the kitchen and realized we have A COMMUNION ON THAT DAY!!!

Darnit! My neice is making her communion that day and my sister-in-law asked me to take her picture with her dress on and her hair all done up. I am such an idiot! I should have checked my calendar first!

And, to make things worse, Ticketmaster has a no refund or exchange policy so I am double screwed!

Can someone please slap me upside the head???

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Ms. Porter said...

You should try to sell them online....