Oh Monday, Why Do You Have to Come So Quickly?

I think that's the longest blog title I've ever written.

The weekends just fly by, don't they? I worked on Saturday and Sunday so I don't have much to say except that I really wanted to have my new blog ready and I just didn't have time to finish setting it up. I know you were sitting at your computer, waiting, weren't you? Hahaha!

Anyway, I took a lot of pictures this weekend, but none that I can show you. They were all taken at work. A little girl came in to the studio and she had the most beautiful blue eyes. We hit it off and her mommy loved the pictures I took. I was so grateful because I hadn't photographed in a while and I always get a little nervous when that happens. I wish I could show you what I do at work, but I don't think the customers would take too kindly to me putting their kid's pictures up on the Web.

My niece sent me this really cute picture of Little J from Disney and I think I'm going to use it as my Best Shot for this fine Monday (even though I didn't take it). Hey, I can do that, it's my blog!


Meg said...

So cute!

emily said...

What a cute picture!

Christina said...

Little J is adorable! Where do you work at? I've been thinking about a PT job at a studio...to get more comfortable with working with clients.

Maggie said...

Oh my goodness, SO CUTE! That smile couldn't be any brighter!

Golightly said...

Little J is a doll! I love that shot!