10 Things I Learned About My In-Laws This Weekend

It's finally done! All the moving and driving and lifting is done. It was a HUGE amount of work and we still have a lot to do to get settled here, but things are moving along. The girls are doing well. I think they actually enjoy sharing a room, although I'd love it if they didn't wake up so early.

The hardest part has been dealing with all the crap at my in-laws house. I put together a handy little list so you can get an idea of what I've been dealing with all weekend.

10 Things I've Learned About My In-Laws

10. They have the worst cable provider ever. We don't get Noggin or Boomerang. That means no Dora, no Little Bill, no Baby Looney Tunes.

9. My MIL has tons and tons of sheets.

8. The floors were filthy. My MIL does not own a vacuum.

7. Who leaves leftovers in the refrigerator when they are leaving the country for 6 months?

6. It smells like old people here.

5. My MIL collects tupperware and plastic containers.

4. The dishwasher is disgusting. I'm not sure how old it is but there is so much soap buildup or calcium deposits or whatever that I won't wash my things in there.

3. This house is soooo not child friendly. I had to move the glass coffee table and put all the breakables on to a table in the dining room.

2. Giving the girls a bath in their tub is going to suck big time. It's way too small and they have sliding glass doors.

1. My MIL uses shampoo specifically for blondes but she is a brunette.

Oh and here's a bonus. Everywhere I look there are statues or pictures of the Virgin Mary. We even have a bottle of holy water in our room.

Needless to say it's been especially hard adjusting for me, but I think everyone else is holding up just fine.

Amidst all the moving stuff, my husband sang for the first time ever in a rock band. His brothers are in a punk band and decided to start a side project. They asked my husband to sing (which was kind of shocking to me because he doesn't even sing to the girls), and he's been practicing for a while now. They even made a CD. And on Friday they did their first live show. Here are my best shots for this fine Monday.


HipMomma said...

I have to say, looks the part! Seems like a dream many dads would like to be living.

Golightly said...

How fun! He rocks!

Oh, we lived in a tiny bungalow when H. was born. our bathroom was small. When the new toilet was installed the GID had to sand the bathroom door a bit to get to open all the way. We had sliding glass doors on the tub too. And a sink on one side with the toilet across from it on the other side. Needless to say, it was so HARD giving an infant a bath in there!

emily said...

How fun is that? Do your little girls like having a rock-star daddy?

Maggie said...

You got some great shots - he looks like a rock star!

carrie said...

No. Noggin.
Could've stopped there. Ugh.
I hope that you get things straightened out...and you all find your groove!

Looks like your hubby already has (found his groove, that is!)

Meg said...

Oh my gosh it sounds like they are truly nuts! No vacuum and leftovers in the fridge? And the holy water thing just freaks me out a bit.

Christine said...

Wow!! Amazing the things you learn about someone!!

Great photos!! He looks like a rocker!

Christina said...

Sounds like quite the advenuture you're having. Heh. At least it'll make you REALLY appreciate getting into your own place again, right???

That's one rockin' hub! Love the first one, how it shows off the tats.

Melinda Zook said...

Lucky gal, your hubby is hot.

As for the in-laws, that's too funny. I love the fake plants thing...I can understand inside the outside? Classic.