My Morning Routine

I'm not a morning person, never was. When I was younger, I could sleep until noon. I am slow to wake, too. I love just laying in bed. Now that I'm a parent those days are gone. My kids are up at the crack of dawn. Most mornings Little J is up by 6 a.m. and Big J soon follows.

It's not so much the time at which they wake up that shocks me. It's the "okay I'm awake let's shout it from the rooftops," noise. From the moment they wake up it's go, go, go. Little J is usually the first one up. Lately, she's been yelling the dog's name over and over. "Coco, coco, coooo coooo!"

Neither of my kids is very quiet. They do everything loudly. They talk loud. They sing loud. They play loud. In a small house their little voices sound humongous. I'm convinved this is the reason neither of them sleep very long. They wake each other up, which is especially troubling since they'll be sharing a room soon.

What's your morning routine? Are you the type of person who likes to lounge in bed for a few minutes? Or are you on the go the minute your eyes flutter open? What time do your kids wake up?


No Crying Mama said...

I so feel your pain :) I am not a morning person. My 4yr old daughter definately is. I wake slowly--she is raring to go. I think my 1 yr old is following suit as well. They usually wake up around 6:45...which is okay on the days I work. When I'm off...I wish it were later! My husband is the one I have to blame for my daughter's cheeriness in the morning!

Christina said...

I feel ya girl!! I am not a morning person either, but my girl is. Well, sometimes she is; she'll sleep nice and late for just long enough to throw me off, and then she's back to a.m. wakeup calls. We're in one of those phases now. I don't DO 6 a.m!!! Of coruse, I'd probably be better off if I'd go to bed before midnight once in a while...

Mama of 2 said...

From years of waking at the crack of dawn to go to work I am a morning person persay. I mean don't get me wrong I can certainly lounge in bed with the best of them but that happens so infrequentantly that it's a luxury at best.

As for my kids -- Little Man is up anywhere between 7 and 8 am and Girlie Girlie is about the same. But both are ready to go as soon as their feet hit the floor.

I guess long gone are the days when the mornings were my own huh?

Meg said...

Oh I hate mornings. It takes at least a cup of coffee before anyone should even talk to me. Thankfully Squeaks has started sleeping until about 8:00, which I never thought would happen. I let Squeaks watch tv while she eats breakfast, just so I can have 20 minutes to drink my coffee and try to wake up!