My Truth

On Monday, Tracey posted a shot of herself early in the morning, no makeup, no editing, just a raw image of herself. She was participating in a Flickr group where people post their self-portraits unapologetically.

So this morning I busted out the camera. I took three pictures with the self-timer and each one was pretty crappy. Still, I picked one that shows me as a truly am. Just when the camera was about to click, Little J came strolling over and my dog, Coco, decided to sit down in my lap. Little J is in focus, but mommy's not. That's okay though because that's how things should be. The focus should be on her, on both on them.

I'll keep trying to put more of myself in focus, to bring back the parts of me that got blurry when I became a mom. I keep getting interrupted, just like this morning. That's me ~ mom, interrupted. Still, I couldn't ask for more adorable reasons to feel muddled.


Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

You look beautiful!

Christina said...

Your words are powerful and beautiful! Just as you are!!

Lisa said...

It is perfect! It is just as your life really is right now. I love it! (And wish I looked that good without makeup)