The Walk of Shame

Yup, I just did it. Out of the park. Through the crowd of staring eyes. Big J had a meltdown when I told her it was time to go. She screamed the entire way to the car. I kept my cool, even though I wanted to spank her (no, I don't spank my kids, but sometimes I really wish I did!). A friend of mine was there with her son and she said she could hear Big J all the way across the park. So pleasant! I just love outings like that. Makes me want to go to the park everyday. Whoopee!


Christina said...

BTDT....more times than I like to admit. We've ALL been there. hugs!

Stephanie said...

I feel your pain. My son throws a trantrum when I tell him it's time to get back in his stroller and leave the park. He also throws them almost everytime he gets strapped into the carseat. Nothing like having all eyes in the grocery store parking lot looking at you as your child thrashes and screams, "I drive," while you forcefully hold him down and in your best and, you hope, most patient and loving mommy voice explain that, "Mommy will do the driving." I'm sure every mom at the park has been there and felt only sympathy for you.