Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was full of First Communions. Unfortunately, I had to miss my neice's first Communion. Instead we had tickets to go see "The Little Mermaid," on Broadway. It was so much fun! We drove to my sister's house in Staten Island and then took the ferry in to Manhattan.

Big J was so good during the show. She even sat through the intermission without a potty break. Our seats were pretty far away but it was still a great show. I definitely recommend it. The website says the show is appropriate for children ages 6 and up but Big J did just fine (she's 4). I guess it all depends on the child.

I worked yesterday and we had four first Communion sessions. Is it just around here that pictures for a Communion are a big deal? One woman spent more than $600 on photos of her daughter. I'm not sure I'll do that when my girls are of age. Maybe one or two but certainly not $600 worth.

So this week we'll be super busy getting last minute things ready for our move on Wednesday. I'm so bummed because I have to work Tuesday and Wednesday night, which means I won't be there for bedtime on the girls first night in a new house. I actually feel really bad and might ask someone to cover for me. I'll also miss their last night in this house because of work. I just hope my husband will be sensitive and talk to Big J about what's going on. I think I'm going to have to remind him. I want him to get her to talk about what she'll miss most and what her favorite memories were in this house. He thinks she doesn't care, that it's no big deal. And while it might not be, I still think it's important for her to verbalize her feelings.

What do you think? She's 4 ~ is she too little to really care about moving?


Stacy said...

I've seen a few different Disney musicals, and they are always so good. Glad you enjoyed it!

As for the moving, I moved when I was three and I still remember that day. I remember the movers coming to take our stuff and the first day at our new house. These are the only real memories I have until probably around 5. So yeah, I think you need to talk to her about it and make sure she is comfortable with what is going on.

carrie said...

Same here - we moved when Em was 3 (and Addie was 5mos) ACROSS the country - so really away from friend, family, the only home she has ever known.

Definitely talk with her about it - Em still remembers it and talks about her friends and old house often - but I think she handled it really well. The good thing is kids are resilient and so much more adventurous than us!

Make sure that she "Gets" that her stuff is just going to the new place and that a home is wherever the whole family is...so as long as you are in it together!

Good luck!!

Ms. Porter said...

I didn't move as a kid (my parents are still in the same house I came home to when I was born)...but I think that it would be a huge deal for a kid. We just painted our daughter's bedroom and that change was significant for her! Definitely talk to her and keep talking to her...she will settle in just fine I'm sure but it will be a big change for her.