On The Farm

I took the girls to a farm today. It's a small place, with a few animals, and lots of fresh food. We've been there a bunch of times and the weather was beautiful today so I packed some snacks and headed over.

The place is called Sun High Orchards and they've got ducks, bunnies, sheep, goats, and, believe it or not, a few llamas. Julianna loves feeding the animals. You can go into the little store and buy some fresh veggies to feed them. Today she was content to just give the bunnies some grass to nibble on.

Little J was so cute. She kept calling all the animals "Coco" ~ that's our dog's name! At one point we went into the store and bought an apple for the girls to share. We plopped ourselves under a shady tree and they munched while I took some pictures.

How cute are they?

Jaime loved trying to feed the animals.

They've got some cool farm equipment and when I saw this tractor I made them both sit inside the big wheel.

So cute!

During the fall, we come here to pick pumpkins and Julianna's preschool class came here on a field trip one day. I love finding little places like this that no one knows about. We spent almost 2 hours just walking around.


Ms. Porter said...

I love these types of places too...we have a few which are less popular spots than some of the others and I find them far more enjoyable when there are less people around.

Christina said...

Looks like a fun time! I can't believe it's still jacket weather there.