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Celeb 'Hot Moms' May Redefine Motherhood

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Pity the actress who's seen in public wearing an oversized T-shirt these days. All it takes is one paparazzi shot of a belly that looks anything but flat and the "bump watch" begins. "Pitt & Jolie: New Bump Pics!" screams an US Weekly headline. "Little bump?" asks Star, drawing a bright yellow circle around Gwyneth Paltrow's midsection.

The celebrity media seem convinced that every gorgeous woman in Hollywood has either given birth recently, is pregnant or should be.
But beyond selling magazines and fueling conversation on the Starbucks line, this growing obsession with "celebrity moms" is rippling out to affect "regular" moms across the country.

Regular mothers are starting to think they're falling dramatically short. And who can blame them, with the deluge of TV sound bites and glossy photo spreads depicting blissful, well-rested celebrity moms who delight in parenthood's every moment?

Look: Debra Messing stops by Dean & DeLuca with baby Roman! Look: Angelina picks up a few groceries at Whole Foods with little Maddox! And they do it all while pursuing their careers!

No one bursts the bubble by mentioning that those jaunts to the store are strictly optional — because the rich and famous often subcontract the grunt work so they can hit the talk-show circuit, film the next movie, spend the day at the spa — or hit a club at midnight in that miniskirt that already fits again.

"The regular mothers of America, meaning you and me, are forced to read about all these things that these perfect celebrity mothers do so that their kids will be Nobel laureates by the time they're 12," says Susan Douglas, author of "The Mommy Myth," which examines the unrealistic demands of modern motherhood. "But they have a SWAT team of nannies, so of course child-rearing is a pleasure."

So true!! Thought you other "regular moms" might find this interesting!

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