Sound Advice

The most annoying sounds a toddler can make ...


The most beautiful sound a toddler can make ...


Makes everything else pale in comparison!

Does your little one have any quirks that annoy you ... oops, I mean make you laugh?


HolyMama! said...

i hate it when my 2 yr old shuts me in the walk in pantry. it's one of those taht the light goes off automatically when the door shuts. On the bright side, he does giggle when he does it!

Juliabohemian said...

yeah I hate it when they call my name and then don't say anything.

MrsFortune said...

Oh, can I do my dog? (you should get some interesting google hits from that one, haha)

Annoying: Barking, whimpering to go for a walk, farting.

Beautiful: sighing, licking and uh ... sleeping.

My son doesn't really make noises yet so I'll say his best is when he does that whole "heartbeat" thing. :) Haha, although my husband swears he can "hear" him moving in my belly.

Mrs. Chicky said...

My girl is not yet a toddler (oh God its going to be soon, though!) but the worst has got to be the screeching in grocery stores.
Or just screeching in general. Boy, she's got volume for a little thing.

Awesome Mom said...

I hate hate hate when my toddler picks the carpet fuzz or any other handy floor items and puts them in his mouth. H has been doing it for so long that now he uses it to comfort himself. He will be sitting there balling and his hand is reaching for fuzz. I like that he will actually listen when I tell him to put it down. He is actually a very good listener for a toddler.

tAnYeTTa said...

we just got back from a road trip and my dear sweet toddler did all that and more. I thought i was going to lose my mind. soooo i had a light bulb moment, stopped at the 7 eleven bought a lollipop and it was SILENCE for the remaining 2 hours of the trip. GEEZZZZZ why didn't I think of that 4 hours before then. LOL

Nicole said...

I love when my kids laugh. Especially, that really great belly laugh that only kids seem to do. It's like they lose control! You can't help but laugh with them, even when you don't want to.

I hate when I ask my 3-year-old a question and she doesn't answer me. To be ignored by a pre-schooler is not good for the self-esteem.

I hate putting my son in the car. The screaming, stiff body, and hitting nearly pushes me over the edge.

Sandra said...

OH boy you opened up a can of worms with this LOL

I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old and at times she is more whiney than he is.

Hate it when I ask and ask and ask for something and I'm given the cold shoulder or just totally ignored. THAT drives me up the wall.
Then the whole jello legs. You want them to move and they decide they don't want to, so they do the jelly legs thing, you pick them up and they just drop to the ground. FRUSTRATING!!! LOL
And one more thing,
Mommy I want a snack
Ok, what do you want?
Cereal, no candy, no apple, NO, banana, NO cookie..............GRRRR they can never make up their minds LOL

Love hearing them laugh and play good together, and I love hearing them tell each other "I love you". Makes my day :)