Are You Approachable?

For those of you curious cats who might be interested in hearing more about J's Mommy, check this out. I used to write for a teen magazine. My days were spent writing about pop stars, friendship faux pas, dating dilemmas, and beauty tips. Sounds like fun, but it was actually harder than you might think. Still, I had a blast because I will always be a teenager at heart. Anyway, I came across a quiz I wrote and thought you might like to see it. Have fun!!!

Are You Approachable?

Do people consider you warm and inviting? Or a little bit frightening? Find out if you're sending all the wrong signals.

1. Your principal calls an impromptu assembly. Students are piling in to the auditorium and seats are filling up fast. Luckily, you find two empty ones. Once seated, you …
A: look for a friend to join you.
B: wait patiently for the assembly to start.
C: throw your backpack on the other chair and tell people someone is already sitting there.

2. Your best friend is throwing a big bash for her 16th birthday. You'll probably spend most of the night …
A: glued to your best friend's side.
B: mingling with guests, making sure things go smooth.
C: in a corner, scoping the crowd.

3. You and your friends are hanging out at a movie theater when a couple of guys try to get your attention. You …
A: smile, but tell your buddies to keep moving.
B: make your way over for a little small talk.
C: roll your eyes and turn your back to them.

4. Your crush asks you to sit next to him during lunch. He's barely spoken a word to you all year and now he wants you to join him. All of a sudden, you get really nervous and …
A: start chatting up a storm.
B: sit quietly while he munches on a sandwich.
C: fold your arms and bite your lip.

5. Your friends would most likely describe you as …
A: the crazy hyper one of the group
B: the friendly one in the group with all the gossip
C: the private one in the group who can always keep a secret

6. You're at the bookstore and a really cute boy is flipping through the latest Harry Potter book. You …
A: tap him on the shoulder and say," Wait until you find out what happens at the end."
B: accidentally bump into him and tell him what a good choice he made.
C: watch and see if he buys the book.

7. In the hall at school you're usually …
A: rushing from class to class
B: chatting up your friends
C: going over notes for your next class

Clique Chick (mostly a's)
You're definitely on the social side and your body language is confident and outgoing. Making friends comes easily to you, but don't forget that running with a big crowd of friends can make you seem inaccessible to people who don't know you. Even the outgoing type can seem unapproachable sometimes, so keep an open mind about meeting new people.

Meet n' Greet Girl (mostly b's)
The new kid in school is always thrilled to spot you in a crowd. Even when you're not really paying attention to the scene around you, your easy-going image shines through. Hanging with different kinds of people sends guys and girls the message that you're totally down-to-earth and easy to talk to.

'Back Off' Babe (mostly c's)
Wake up, Wallflower! Your public's waiting. It may just be the jitters that are keeping you from putting yourself out there, but to everyone else, it seems like you've got better things on your mind. Nervous to strike up a conversation? Shake it off -- everyone has hang ups just like you. Knowing that everyone out there is a little self-conscious should make the social scene a little less scary.

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chelle said...

hehe that would be a cool, yet challenging job! I used to LOVE those quizes as a teen!!

MrsFortune said...

Hardy freakin har!!! That was SOOOOOO funny, I'm with Chelle, I really, really loved those quizzes in high school. Somehow I was under the vague impression that they were written by doctors or something, like they were super, super accurate and could predict the outcome of your life within a millisecond. So funnny. :)

Nicole said...

That really is something. I always thought they were put together by someone with an expertise in a certain area. Well, maybe they are, right? I wish I could come up with something so clever.

I know you've posted before that you want to write a book. I think you have great ideas -- go for it!

reluctant housewife said...

Like, OMG! I'm a back-off bitch, er, babe!