Spring is Here!

Not that you'd know it by the weather here in sweet ole Jersey. It's friggin cold!

We spent the weekend at my parents house. I love going there. It is the only time I get to really relax. My husband usually huffs and puffs the whole time because he gets bored, but I don't mind just chilling in the house. I love watching my daughter and her grandma play together. They have such a great relationship!

My hubby doesn't understand a mother/daughter bond. He doesn't have that with his mom. In fact, I think he gets jealous sometimes. My mom and I talk on the phone everyday, sometimes more than once. We are like two peas in a pod and I lean on her for everything. I wouldn't be the person I am today without all the love and support she gave us kids. I only hope that I am half the mother she was to my little girl.

J used the potty this weekend! It wasn't her first time, but it's been a while. She definitely knows when she has to go. I can leave her in underwear for more than an hour and then she'll come running up to me and say, "mommy I need a diaper." When I mention the potty she usually gets upset and says, "no, no, no."

This time when that happened I put on a pull-up, but still made her sit on the potty. I could tell when she was peeing so I just moved the diaper over a little and she listened to it splash in the potty. It was funny. She was soooo proud of herself and daddy did a little pee pee dance.

I am going crazy planning parties too. I'm throwing my hubby a surprise 30th birthday party in April and my sister's bridal shower in June. It's going to be a crazy couple of months.

I hope to get some stories up today while the beast naps so come by later and let me know what you think!



rhonda said...

Hooray for spring!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Yay! Peepee in the potty!

chelle said...

I love watching Becca with her Grandpa...it is amazing!
Potty Potty Potty! That is great! Congrats!

Liesl said...

Hooray for Spring! It's cold here, but we do have a few daffodils out :)

Mom101 said...

Hey, I'm planning a 30th bday for my man in April too. But it's not a surprise. Also I haven't actually planned anything yet. Also I'm going to be out of town for the next three weeks or so.


Britmum said...

Its soooo exciting when they use the potty. Congratulation!

MrsFortune said...

Hey, hopefully my man is planning a 30th birthday for ME!

I'm envious of you and your mom, that's awesome, but I feel for your hubby, not understanding it.