The Bitchfest Continues ...

First, let me apologize for not updating this weekend. Hubby is going away today for a WHOLE WEEK and I tried to spend some quality time with him and J.

Sounds sweet, I know, but I spent most of Sunday cranky and miserable because I had my period and major migraine. Plus, we went to his parents house for a birthday party and it was chaos. My hubby comes from a HUGE Italian family with 11 crazy grandkids so far.

Anyway, want to hear a funny story from the party? My MIL actually yelled at my neice for not being hungry. And then when the little girl was curled up in her mama's lap crying, MIL continued to scold her and say that if she doesn't eat she will have to go to the hospital. All I could do was shake my head. This is the same family where MY DAUGHTER has a feeding issue so you can imagine the things they've said to try and get her to eat.

Oh and we also have THAT UNCLE in the family. You know, the weird, hairy guy who talks nonsense and scares all the kids? I think there's one in every family. Anyway, he decided to tell one of my nephews that if he didn't eat then he was going to get so skinny he would turn into a skeleton and die. "Do you know what that means," he asked him. "You'll be taken away from you mommy daddy and you'll never see them again." The boy is 3 YEARS OLD.


So about my last post. I have to say thanks again to all of you who commented. One of the main reasons I love this blog is because I can be honest, write about how I really feel, and then have people validate those feelings. It's so refreshing since my hubby spends most of his time discounting my feelings.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I WOULD NEVER buy a 2-family house with ANYONE, let alone some slutty girl my hubby works with. I asked him if she suggested that as a joke and he said probably. Still, it was ironic!

He knows exactly how I feel about this woman, we've talked A LOT about it and he was doing a great job respecting my feelings. Heck, he is the one who said he didn't really want to talk to her anymore because she was FULL OF SHIT.

Until Saturday ...

Hubby and I were fighting about something stupid, I don't even remember. Oh wait, I know. I was pissed because he made a snarky comment about how I deal with our daughter. You see, he watches her on Saturdays because I work. He called me to tell me that J went pee pee on the potty. I should have known that he would use it to point out what a useless mom I am.

And I was right. Later that day, mommy tried to get J on the potty and it was a disaster. She was yelling and crying and I tried pushing, which was against my better judgement, but hubby was sitting right there making my stress level skyrocket. Needless to say, she resisted and he yelled at me for not trying hard enough.

Long story short (because he just woke up and I can't type anymore) he wound up at her house!!! I'll try to finish this out later today!!!


boo said...

Like your blog, very funny and true to life!

JayMonster said...

I can't stand when parenting becomes a competition. The goal is the same right? TO raise a happy heathy and (relatively) well adjusted child right? So what is the point of the competion? (except some self-ego stroking, I guess).

Sandra said...

I have to say that hubby and I sometimes butt heads when it comes to parenting but in the end we both have the same objective and work together.

I can't believe your hubby went to her house again....I admire you for having so much patience because if it were me in your shoes the ***** would have already hit the fan LOL

chelle said...

Oh wow! K old schoolers with the "you must eat!" attitude drive me nuts!

Hubby definitely should not be heading the "her" house when there is stuff going on (or ever!)

Juliabohemian said...

Wow, there is nothing you could fill in that gap with that would make me feel any better about this situation. It's time to lay down some law!

Mrs. Chicky said...

That's it! I'm inventing an electronic shock collar for stupid spouse comments. Think you have an easier time feeding our kid her mashed peas and have no problem pointing that out in front of her and you parents? Zap!

I wouldn't use it on my dogs but I would have no problem using it on my husband, especially if he took off for another women's house!

Hang in there.

Mrs. Chicky said...

BTW, it would work on relatives too!

Nicole said...

In-laws never say the right thing, do they? I could give you a list of weird stuff they've said to my kids (and to me for that matter) over the past 12.5 years I've been w/my husband.

As for your hubby, I don't like that he went there after an argument with you. I'd even feel better if he chose a bar (even a nudy bar) than her house. Hopefully, her husband was home.

Christina said...

Oh yeah, every family has the weird uncle. It's the weird aunt in mine, but same difference really.

OK, he's got some serious apologizing to do for going to her house when you have a fight. That's just asking for trouble, honestly. First, he knows it will make you upset, which is a bad emotional game to play. Second, if he's upset he's more likely to do something stupid.

*Hugs* to you. Hope things get worked out.

MrsFortune said...

Oh boy, I hope things get better for you guys soon! Sounds like a crappy sitch-eeation. :(

something blue said...

This weekend, your post got my husband and I having a conversation about opposite sex friendships and cheating. It sparked a disagreement, which turned into a full-blown argument. Yikes!

Hope things are getting better for you.

Andie D. said...

WTF? He wound up at her house? Really?

And about the potty training, my hub and I have both been there. I've learned to REMIND HIM GENTLY that what works for one will not neccessarily work for the other one.

And if he proceeds to breathe down my neck and pressure me to do something that he thinks is the "right" thing to do? I simply say something to the effect of "How is this helping?" or "This doesn't help."

And even, "It might make you feel better to have more success in this area, but it doesn't help our child or me to gloat about it in front of him."


Nancy said...

Ugh, it's a shame the relatives have to be so focused on the eating thing. Usually that ends up being counter-productive (especially when the uncle talks about taking the kid away from mommy and daddy!)

I am sorry to hear that your husband continues to pursue a friendship with that woman. Hopefully he'll outgrow his ridiculous behavior, especially if he says one minute that he doesn't want to deal with her and the next he's back being friends. Ugh. Hang in there.

TheBetty said...

He is sleeping with her... plain and simple.

Or he might as well be if he continues to favor her company to your own when things get a little tough around the house.

We all have pointless and stupid fights in our relationships at home. The moment he runs off and seeks comfort in someone else then it becomes inexcusable. You need to ask him what he wants. Does he want to work on things with you and share a life with your beautiful child? Or would he rather continue running off with the Office Whore.

I apologize for coming across as being too harsh. Sometimes we all need a good slap to open our eyes.

Tater and Tot said...

You need to let your husband know that he can absolutely have two women in his life - you and your daughter. He needs to understand that his responsibility is to do whatever it takes to protect your marriage, your feelings, and your child. A friendship with another woman should never be more important that the relationship he has with his wife. This is a situation where I don't think that there is any room for negotiation. Period.