My Life is a Supernanny Episode

Ahhh, the art of distraction. It's a mom's best weapon against unwanted behavior. It's also a skill hubby has not yet mastered.

Yesterday was my first experience with a specific kind of toddler tantrum. The "Mommy, please don't go," outburst.


J had tears streaming down her pink cheeks. She poured it on thick, yelling, "Mommy stay with me please. Mommy, I need a big, big hug. Mommy, hold me. Mommy, don't go."

Did you hear my heart just break? Really, I'm sure you over there in California must have heard something like a huge tear in the Earth around 5:00 yesterday. Anyway, I sure could have used Nanny Jo's help!

Hubby didn't help the situation at all. While she was crying and I was saying, "Hon, I have to go," he was playing a video game. "I just have to get to a point where I can save the game," he told me.

When he finally did come over, he made no attempt to pry her from my arms. He just sat and watched as she cried and tried to keep me from leaving. She followed me to the front door, she wouldn't let me open it, she tried to grab my hand ~ all the while my helpful hubby is standing there.

They both watched as I walked out the door, walked down the driveway, got into my car, and drove away waving.


Motherhooduncensored said...

That sucks :( Haven't had those yet - well, a little with the sitter but pooh and popsicle usually works well for us.

rhonda said...

That is so hard when that happens. Guilt, guilt, and more guilt. But it's okay. That is just letting you know how much you are loved!

Sandra said...

See that sounds like a day to day episode in my house. My hubby and his stupid computer games which really get frustrating for me. I get tired of the same thing "I have to find a good point to save" or "I am in the middle of a fight right now"...."I'm about to die". YES you are if you don't get your lazy butt over here and help!!!

I've found with my 3 year old the easiest thing is to not try to sneak off (which is what I used to do). I actually go up to him, give him a hug and kiss and say "mommy has to go to the store real quick, I'll be right back ok?". He still cries a bit, but I tell him that it will be real quick and I distract him with something else or tell him that I will get him a surprise if he is a good boy, you'de be surprised how fast he calms down LOL

cmhl said...

this sounds SOOOOOOOO familiar, "I need to get to a point where I can save the game.." hahahahahah

Nicole said...

I don't think that ever gets easier. I used to think it was so great that she loves me that much, but now I just can't stand it!

My husband loves video games, too. Do they ever outgrow this?

Juliabohemian said...

I have HAD it with that! I need to get to a point to save the game is such a BS line! I already told my husband and he knows that I will rip the cord out of the wall if I have to.

chelle said...

aww that is heartbreaking. My husband usually holds our toddler and then wisks her away to do something fun, so she forgets her pain for the moment.

Pattie said...

I am so glad you still got in the car and left. That is important!
I saw the episode of Supernanny with the little boy who couldn't separate from his mom, the dad who wasn't aggressive with his distraction, and the child chasing his mom's car down the driveway.
Once dad learned the art of distraction, everyone was much happier.

Nancy said...

Oh yeah. I am familiar with the whole "save the game" excuse. Heard it about 75 times today.

That said, it's usually me who's holding the screaming toddler as her DAD goes away -- she's pretty attached to him. ;-)

Mommy off the Record said...

That is so funny--the part about saving the game that is. I can totally see my husband saying that.

I can only imagine how hard it would be to leave a toddler. I have a 10month old baby and that is hard enough.

~d said...

For some reason the kids are more upset when Daddy leaves: and he does this DAILY. There have been smart-a$$ times when he will look at me and be like ( haha ) have a good day.
**thank you for popping in Saturday night did NOT go as planned. Both kids were up until near 12 scared of the thunderstorm. Lots of lightening and I have no clue what memories my children have of the 5 weeks of Hell we endured after Hurricane Katrina, but it was bad enuf to F up last night. They were genuinely scared. So we kept them with us. Reminded them they would be safe and we would always be here.

Lisa said...

Why is it that hubbys can be completely cluesless? So far I haven't had that problem...my darling daughter is only 11 monhts so there is no clinging to my legs yet but there has been the ocassional fit of hysterics when someone she doesn't know dares to touch her...but I digress.

I love SuperNanny and have wished she would come visit me from time to time as well -- even if I don't think my household is as bad as some I have seen on the show.