Four Rules of Friendship

There have been a couple of posts floating around the blogosphere lately about blog politics and netiquette. Her Bad Mother wrote about it, so did Kristen and Izzy. I also read this and it struck a chord.

I haven't been in the game very long, but I figured out very quickly that there are certain rules when it comes to being someone's blog buddy. It reminded me of an article I wrote once about real-life friendship. I think it's pretty relevant so I wanted to share it (with a few fun edits, of course).


Want to keep your friends forever? Don't break these rules of [blog]hood.

People aren't born with fabulous [blog] skills. In fact, relationships are something you have to work at - even the non-romantic kinds require a little TLC. Here are 4 simple rules for bliss between [bloggers].

Be Loyal
Even though he's super cute, flirting with your friend's [blog] is the ultimate friendship sin. If she can't trust you around her [blog], your relationship is doomed. Find your own [blog] and steer clear of hers.

Make Time
Life can get hectic and [blogs] sometimes take a back seat to school, work, and pesky [kids]. Still, a good friend always makes time for her [blogs]. Fortunately, neglect is one friendship faux pas that can be easily fixed. Set aside one day each week to spend with your [blogs]. Go bowling, rent a movie, or catch up on the latest gossip.

Curb Jealousy
You want to be happy that your [favorite blog] got an [award], but you can't help feeling envious. What's worse, you made a mean comment when she told you the good news. No one wants to be around a complainer. Stop whining about how much better she's got it and make the most of your best qualities. You never know, she could be secretly coveting your [cool blog design].

Don't Take Advantage
Your best friend would do anything for you. She's happy to lend a sympathetic ear when you're feeling down in the dumps. She even lets you borrow her favorite cashmere sweater. Are you around when she needs you? [Blogs] are a two-way street. If all you do is take, take, take - she's going to get fed up and bail. Make an effort to [comment] and show how much you care.

I branched out and joined an actual blogroll. Check out Blogging Chicks. They have a really cool carnival going on there. I've also tried joining Izzy's BloggerChicks but I can't figure out how to get the link to work. So go check it out anyway!! I love Izzy!


Mrs. Chicky said...

Hey, wanna go bowling? I've got my own shoes. :)

Yes, a woman must find time for her blogs. Husbands, houses and kids be damned!

chelle said...

Great rules!!! I want to go bowling too!

Izzy said...

I say we tell our husbands we're going bowling and then go have a beer/wine/cocktail instead!

Thanks for the linkage!

(and if you want, I can make that scrollbar work, no problem. Just let me know :)

Paula said...

Great tips! Found you on the Blogging Chicks.

Mommy off the Record said...

Cute post! Just so you know, I'm secretely coveting your cool blog design. :)

Her Bad Mother said...

What a great take on the whole blog politics issue!

And can I get in on that bowling/drinking?

C. said...

Count me in for the bowling/drinking (ok, mostly the drinking)!

something blue said...

What a sweet reminder! My blogfriends mean the world to me so I had better find time to comment. Funny how real life rules translate so well to our virtual world.

Nicole said...

I always like your creative writings. Very cute! I'll try to follow all the rules.