I'm Baaaack!

Wow, it's been so long since I've posted. It feels kinda weird. Thanks to all of you guys who stopped by even though I wasn't updating.

The wedding was wonderful! My sister looked amazing and everything turned out perfect. Well, almost everything. J looked adorable in her flower girl dress but she decided last minute that she didn't feel like walking down the aisle. I asked her to take my hand so we could walk down together but she flopped to the ground and start crying. I didn't know what to do so I just left her there. I said, "it's my turn sweetie, bye." Eventually, she did find her way out, but it wasn't down the aisle. She took the long way and went around everyone. That was the only hitch and that was fine because during the ceremony she was quiet and that was more important to me.

The ceremony was short and sweet, just the way I like it. We were wisked away to take pictures which is nice but mostly it's a pain in the ass. I just wanted to get inside and see my family and eat. When we did make it inside we were there for 15 minutes before they ushered us into the bridal suite for our big entrance. Since I was the matron of honor and my older brother was the best man we decided we had to have the best entrance. He picked me up and carried me to the dance floor. It was funny.

Every time I go to a wedding, I forget how much 'stuff' is involved. There's the first dance, mother-son dance, father-daughter dance, blessing, and a toast. It's like 20 minutes before you can sit down.

Anyway, I was so nervous about my speech. I ended up writing a list of do's and don'ts for marriage. I showed it to my mother the night before and she was like, "oh that's cute, but I think your sister was looking for something more sentimental." Dammit! So I spent an hour adding some more stuff. When it was my turn to read, I started shaking. I hate speaking in front of people. It went great though, and yes my sister cried.

I have to say that although everything went beautifully, I felt a little removed. I wasn't drinking and I couldn't tell anyone about the pregnancy. Coupled with the fact that nausea has set in BIG TIME, it was a weird night for me.

I will show you guys some pictures tomorrow. Right now I need to lay down. I think I'm gonna puke.



Pattie said...

She cried? Then your speech was perfect! Glad you had such a wonderful time (minus the nausea) :)

SugarMama said...

OH HON, I know what you mean about feeling removed. The Bachelorette Party was this past weekend which happens to be a Martini and Massage party and I couldn't have anything good to drink. I was nauseous for the most part as well.

My SIL's wedding is this coming weekend, so wish me luck. I'm glad you had a wonderful time! Now, cross your fingers for me. :-)

chelle said...

aww glad that weekend went well and the wedding was wonderful!!!

Sucks you felt removed....once it is all announced and all is going well (no more puking!) you will feel better about it all!

carrie said...

Glad that your speech was a hit, I mean if she cried than your mission was accomplished, right? Hope your tummy feels better - ginger ale???


MrsFortune said...

Ditto what everyone else said on the crying thing. I love weddings. :-) And flower girl meltdowns - well, weddings just wouldn't be weddings without them. Glad your speech went well!