Coming into the Homestretch

March is finally here. I can't believe I made it this far. Not that I really had a choice, but there were definitely days I wanted to give up. This pregnancy has been really difficult for me. Today I went to the doctor and the nurse said there was a trace of protein in my urine, which doesn't mean anything, but I found myself thinking, "Jesus Christ, what else can I possibly put up with?"

Anyway, I feel so out of the loop, kind of like I did when I first started blogging. I've been reading things here and there but I haven't been able to spend much time on the Internet. J has been a handful. Probably because I've been so limited physically. All she wants to do is play ~ all...day...long. I can't even sit on the floor anymore, that's how big I've gotten and how painful it is. Poor thing just wants her mommy to play hide and seek and play outside in the snow (what little we got). I just don't have the energy or the patience. Especially now in the final days. I wish I could lay on the couch all day long.

I'm at the point where my clothes don't even fit anymore. I mean the large maternity clothes that are supposed to cover your belly. I'm reduced to wearing my husband's shirts. I can't reach my legs to shave properly. I can't even see my vagina. Lord knows what my bikini line looks like. I try to do the best I can but it's exhausting. You should see me trying to get dressed in the morning. It's a pretty pathetic sight.

Everything is uncomfortable now, too. Washing dishes, going food shopping, getting in and out of the car. It really sucks that life has to go on when you're pregnant with your second. I wish that my hubby could take these next two weeks off and just give me a break.

And now the panic has started to set in. Like, what the hell am I going to do when the baby actually arrives? Is labor going to kill me? The anticipation is enough to drive you crazy.

You know what's weird? I have never wanted to exercise so bad in my life! I'm not really an active person, but because this pregnancy has been so painful, I haven't been able to do much physically and now I crave activity. I actually want to run around and jump on the bed with my daughter.

Well, for now I'll just take it day by day and keep my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly. I'm not really worried how J will react with a new baby around. I think she's going to be a great little helper. I'm so excited to see her face when the baby that mommy's been carrying around in her belly is finally here.

I'd love to hear any advice you have for bringing home baby number 2. Anything I should know that might help ease the transition?


Anonymous said...

Oh I feel so bad for you! When I in the home stretch with theBeast I was miserable! My groin constently hurt, and I was sooo fat!! I was getting depressed that I was actually making it to my weekly appointments instead of going in labor early! Pretty soon this time will be over and you'll have that beautiful baby. I don't really have advice on bringing home baby 2 since my kids were 9 years apart, and SlowMo was big enough to fully know what was going on. This time with this baby I'm concerned about how theBeast will react, so I may be contacting you in the future to give me some pointers!!!

Mama of 2 said...

Sorry to hear that you have been having such a rough go of it this pregnancy. I remember being pregnant with Girlie Girlie and while I don't believe I got super large I do recall being uncomfortable and thinking how much easier it was when I was pregnant with my first and really no one else to take care of. I mean hey hubby was an adult that could drive to McDonald's if he was hungry. LOL!

Good luck and keep us up to date on your progress.

Pattie said...

Oh I feel for you. I remember those last few weeks. Thankfully, you'll have some little wonderful person in your life at the end of all this agony :)
I don't have alot of advice about bringing home #2 except make sure J is involved and has her alone time with you.That helps keep the jealousy pangs away.

MamaKBear said...

I'd give just about anything to get to have the experience of pregnancy...even with all it's discomforts! Until it happens (I'm not holding my breath) I live vicariously through the descriptions of pregnancy! :)

Here's hoping the rest of the time just flies by for you, and you're soon back home with your brand new bundle of joy!

MamaKBear said...

By the way, how about showing us a belly shot?? :)

carrie said...

You've been through this before, so you know how worth it everything is...but that doesn't make it any easier does it? As overwhelming as the thought of juggling 2 is, it will be easier than you think. I recall lots of time on the floor with baby #2, both kids (newborn and toddler) hanging out under the babygym and napping, lots of napping. Hopefull J is already good at this one!

You will do beautifully. You will.


Nancy said...

One thing that really worked for us when we brought baby Rosie home was to have Rosie bring a gift for big sister Mimi. We picked out a baby doll (one of those American Girl babies) with accessories. Once we'd been home and settled for a couple of hours, my husband brought in the doll and told Mimi that Rosie had brought it home from the hospital for her. It was an instant hit and helped Mimi not to be so jealous of the attention that Rosie got in the early days. (Plus having a baby doll helped her practice holding "her" baby.)

Good luck -- you will do wonderfully.

Mel said...

I'm trying to think, but it was eight years ago and I have worse holes in my memory than most. Hmm.
I know we got Really Rosie worked up about becoming a BIG! SIS! TER! and all that, and the fact that the Mack was born around Christmas helped. The fact that Really Rosie was four really helped, because I could send her for diapers, a clean bottle; or I could have her sit with the baby (on blankets, on the floor) while I went to the bathroom or made a bottle or threw away a used diaper.
Actually, now that I think about it, the Mack was way easy and so was Really Rosie at the time; I recruited RR and kept her so busyy she didn't have time to throw fits.

Mel said...

(I should clarify at this time that Really Rosie was a pretty advanced and well-behaved four-year-old; she had a huge vocabulary, she was calm and gentle with her sister - and the kitchen was one room away and I could see her from the sink. Ditto for my bathroom trips.)

Meg said...

I have no advice for you, but hang in there. The things you are going through are all reasons that I'm scared to try for baby #2. I guess I'll just have to learn through you! But congrats to you for making it this far...hopefully just a few more days, huh? Can't wait to see pictures of the new little one!

SugarMama said...

I had my older boy take a sibling class before my 2nd one was born, but he still naturally got jealous when my 2nd boy is born...but really, I think the important part is to get your husband take the new baby from you atleast an hour a day so you can be with your firstborn exclusively on that hour.

btw --- have you heard of miracle blanket?? OMG! I love that thing - I wish I had it with both of my boys. It works exactly on what the company claims. My newborn sleeps between 6-7 hours straigth at night and as soon as I feed her she goes straight back to sleep. Check it out http://www.miracleblanket.com