Great New Site for Book Lovers

So I'm officially on maternity leave and I've been spending my days looking for freelance writing work. While J is at preschool, I browse the internet, searching for my big break. I'm trying to break out of the teen industry and into parenting publications, but I'm so not disciplined when it comes to freelancing. Right now, I've got the tv on and my mind is wandering. My most productive times are at night when I can't sleep, but don't necessarily want to get out of bed to scribble in a notepad.

Anyway, in my web travels this morning, I came across a really cool website I thought some of you might be in to. It's called BookCrossing and it's a free site that tracks used books "released into the wild".

If you've got a book you don't want anymore, go to BookCrossing, register it and list where you're going to release it (a coffee shop, a park bench, pretty much anywhere). Other folks use the site to search for books in their areas, go hunting and, voila, your old unwanted book is now in the hands of an intrepid explorer.

Cool huh? And, if you're an author, it's a neat promotional tool. Whenever you're out and about, release a copy of your own book into the wild and post it on the site.



Occidental Girl said...

Wow, that's a really great idea! Takes some work, but if you are after a book, it beats paying full price then shipping, etc.

It's something I would use, especially since our nearest bookstore is 15 miles away! Can you believe the inconvenience? Well, it's not THAT bad, but I do wish there was a bookstore in this town. (In Central Oregon.)

Kristen said...

That sounds like a really cool site. Off to check it out...

and I decided to try to break into freelance, sent in one article to a parenting mag and then stopped. Talk about poor discipline!

carrie said...

I just read an article about these sites in a mag - somewhere - sounds really cool.

Hope you're surviving these last days of your pregnancy and that all goes well when the time comes!


Nadine - The Healthier The Better said...

Thanks for the link :D

Amy said...

I am curious to hear how your picky eater is eating these days. I commented on your blog some 2 (??) years ago and you were both working on it.

Would really appreciate knowing how your child is doing now. Email me, please??


LilCherie said...

Ahh...I have seen that website too...they usually have a book drop in Panera Bread cafes where you can leave books or pick them up as well. Its cool to see where the book you pick up just came from.