Being Mr. Mom

I need some mommy advice here. I just found out that I have to work next sunday, when I requested off. Not that big of a deal, except Big J has a Halloween party with some of her preschool friends. I won't be able to take her now so I asked my husband and he laughed at me. Yes, he laughed at me. He got pissed, said no, and was like, "yeah right."

He said he wouldn't mind taking Big J if he didn't have Little J. What is it about babies that makes men so completely afraid? Why does bringing the baby make things more complicated?

I get that he won't know anyone and that he'll feel uncomfortable, but this is J's first party. She loves her school friends and is always asking for a playdate with them, but because my husband can't suck it up and take her to the party, she's going to miss out. I may actually ask one of the other moms to take her for me. Isn't that pathetic?

Is it just my husband who is an ass or do the other dads out there laugh at the idea of taking their children to a party? I'm so annoyed. Am I overreacting?


Meg said...

Although my husband wouldn't want to do it, he would in order to make our daughter happy. Your husband is being an ass about things. Sure, he's off work and has better things he wants to do, but you CAN'T take her, so he needs to suck it up.

If he doesn't, though, go ahead and ask the other mom to take her. J doesn't need to miss the fun because her dad is stubborn.

Mama of 2 said...

My husband toggles somewhere in between. Now that Girlie Girlie is 2 he's better at taking her with him and the funny thing is I think it's harder now to take her places than when she was 2 months and strapped into her baby carrier.

Guess Men really are from Venus and Women from Mars.