Dinner Time Tango

I decided to write about our dinner time tango after reading this post from Mommy Off the Record. Her son wants yogurt every single night.

My family struggles with the same issue. I call it the dinner time tango because we go back and forth every night trying desperately to come to some sort of happy medium. Big J never wants what I make so my husband and I have to beg and plead just to get her to try one bite. She'd be satisfied eating bread and butter every night.

She is a carb addict. Bread, bagels, pasta ~ she loves them all. No fruit, no vegetables. It's like pulling teeth just to get her to eat chicken. She takes a really long time to eat, too. We could start dinner at 6:00 and she's still eating at 7:00.

Big J has had feeding issues for the longest time. The fact that she's eating something besides baby food is a major victory as far as I'm concerned. The problem now is getting her to try new things - to eat a more well-rounded diet. I've tried sneaking things in her food, but she's too smart. The feeding therapist tried to do that and it just made her mad.

I'm just hoping that, at some point, things will even out and she'll become more adventurous as she gets older when it comes to food. I'd rather avoid all the dinner drama and just have a nice, quiet meal. For now, it seems as though that will have to wait.


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Meg said...

We're also dealing with feeding issues. Squeaks hates to eat vegetables at all. I finally am forcing V8 down her for something, even if it's not as good as the real stuff.

Good luck to you guys in your battles!