My Birthday is Coming Up!

I turn 31 next month and everyone keeps asking me what I want. There are things I would love to have. Like, I can't wait to see this. And I could certainly use a few more of these. My hair needs to be done and I would love a new pair of boots.

But, what I really want this year is time. Time to do more of the things I love. Time to write a blog post every day without feeling guilty. Time to pluck my eyebrows and shave my legs every day. Time to read. Time to write. Time to go to the book store and get lost in the pages of US Weekly. Time to shop for new clothes. Time to exercise. Time to cook. Time to clean. Time to practice my photography. Just time!

Think my husband could wrap that up and top if with a bow?


Blessings from above said...

I am with you. Funny how us SAHM feel guilty about getting dressed and doing things every other mother does that works. sometimes we have to just splurge and do for oursleves after all we aren't going to let our children starve it we by a little something for ourselves.

Liz said...

Oh boy do I know what you mean! I'm not sure which is worse--the guilt or the lack of time to even do anything to remotely feel guilty about. Here's hoping you get some time for your birthday. It's truly the best present by far!

Meg said...

Who cares if it's wrapped -- take it and run!!

But I know what you mean. Every time I take a shower, I have Squeaks and the dog staring at me through the shower door. It's enough to make me get out of there as quickly as possible (meaning no shaving)!

ali said...

i'd love to get time for my birthday...the perfect gift.

Melinda Zook said...

You said it girl! If your hubby finds a place where he can buy some, please, please have him pass the word on.

And I had no idea Nicole Kidman wrote books. She is into everything!

Ms. Porter said...

Ask for it honey. Seriously, ask your husband to give you just that for your bday. I swear sometimes they need us to ask for what we want...even if we've asked before. I've been known to write a detailed list of what I want right down to put the kids dirty laundry into the laundry basket so when I come home from said time I don't have to catch up on all the things that seemed to have stopped while I was gone...no playing catch up when you get home.