Lessons Learned

I am the student and my children, the teachers. Every day I learn something new.

Today's lesson:
Never take two children to the supermarket in the rain unless they've gone to the potty first.

If you do, your 4 year-old will have to go to pee at the exact moment you're ready to pay. So you'll rush to the other side of the store, tell her to hurry up while you watch your 7 month-old in the shopping cart, and nearly lose it when she pee's all over the floor and her pants because she didn't sit back far enough to reach inside the bowl.

What have your children taught you today?


Victoria said...

Hi Stacy!

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Thanks so much, Victoria@rocketxl.com

Tonya said...

Oh I remember when my oldest daughter did that the first time! We were not at home either. Life with kids is definitely interesting :)

Ms. Porter said...

oh yeah, learned that lesson.
i learned that if you announce to two very naughty children having major hissy fits in the middle of a store that you are 'leaving with or without them' and proceed to do so, the store clerks will help the children get out of the store...oh yeah.

Meg said...

Oh man...we're about to start potty training so I can see that in my immediate future!

I've learned that my daughter has a horizontal radar and she needs something anytime I lie down.