The Secret to Weight Loss

I've been trying for months to drop the last few pounds I packed on while pregnant. Apparently, all I really need to do is sleep more.

A new study found that mothers who slept five hours or less a day when their babies were six months old were three times more likely than more rested mothers to have kept on the extra weight at one year.

Aha! So it's not the lack of exercise or the poor nutrition. It's Little J's sleep habits that are to blame for my flabby stomach.

One of the researchers is quoted as saying, "this study shows that getting enough sleep -- even just two hours more -- may be as important as a healthy diet and exercise for new mothers to return to their pre-pregnancy weight."

I would love to get two more hours of sleep every night, but unless these researchers come up with a way to keep my daughter from waking up at the crack of dawn, it ain't gonna happen.

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