Just One More Reason I'm Not Having Another Child With This Jackass

Heard in my house this morning at 4:45 a.m.

"Waaaa Waaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaa!"
Me: "Honey, can you see if she'll go back to sleep?
Him: (frustrated groan)
Me: "If she sees me she won't go back to sleep."
Him: (angrily throwing the covers back)

"Waaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhh Waaaaaaaaaaaa"
(this continued for what felt like an eternity)

It finally got quiet, but only for a second.
He put the baby back in her crib, stormed out of her room and plopped into bed and she was still screaming. I let it go for as long as I possibly could. Big J is in the room right next to the baby and I didn't want her to wake up.

Me: "So I have to get up?
Him" "I'm not getting up."
Me: "Why not?"
Him: "It's not my fault you got home so late."

I work nights and didn't get into bed until midnight. Refer back to title.


Ms. Porter said...

Are you serious? Don't let this get more out of hand!
I always got/get up with the kids during the week because my husband works (not saying that I don't) but he is the bread winner and his job affords me the choice to stay home with our kids...but on weekends, this is not the case.
In your situation, you are working too....hello, both of y'all gotta get up through the night...gotta take turns...he's gotta get a grip!

Anonymous said...

I would be sooo ticked! Since I'm breastfeeding, I always have to be the one that gets up, but if the babe won't stop crying my hub always gets up and sits with me! You guys need to have a long talk.

Melinda Zook said...

Men are definitely jack-asses sometimes. It is their genes unfortunately. Have a chat with him with you are both of sound mind, maybe over a cup of coffee and let him have it!