Easter Pics

I've finally gotten through all of my pictures from our vacation and Easter. Here are a few from Sunday.

We were at my in-laws house. She always makes way too much food. We had lamb, lasagna, stuffed mushsrooms, artichokes, spiral ham, potatoes, and meatballs. You could seriously feed a small country.

Update on the house: Things are moving very slowly. It takes a while to do a short sale apparently. There's a lot of paperwork and approvals that need to be taken care of. The couple who bid on our house are getting antsy. They are worried about waiting all this time and then losing out on the house and we're worried they are going to pull out. We've started packing, but I'm so nervous something is gonna go wrong. We'd be soooo screwed.

Anyway, positive thoughts right?

Lasr but not least, I've been trying to decide what to call my photography business once I'm' ready to open shop. What do you think? J&J Photography or Stacy Mae Photography?

The first one is obviously the first letter in each of the girl's names. They are, after all, my inspiration. Plus, I had a logo in mind for that. The other is my first and middle name. Mae was my grandmother's name and it is kinda unique. Which one do you like better?


Ms. Porter said...

I like Stacy Mae just because I use 'mae' as part of my oldest daughter's nickname...I sort of wish i actually used it as her middle name. there are so many cool business names, you will know which one is right when it comes to you. you really are gifted, so happy for you that you are going for it. as for the house...i am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and if this couple pulls out there will be another more perfect situation right around the corner...easy for me to say i know.

Jerri said...

I like Stacy Mae

Meg said...

Mae is my daughter's middle name, too! We didn't name her after anyone on purpose, but it turned out that it's an old family name!

I'm thinking you should use your name, but J and J is good, too, so go with your gut!

Stacy said...

I like Stacy Mae Photography - is more personable and if you are planning on focusing on kids photography that is a good name to pick.

The girls are adorable in their Easter finery, too. That last shot...pure cuteness!