Happy Hump Day

This week is just skipping along. Yesterday I packed up the girls suitcases for Disney. Today, I have to pay attention to the laundry. It's piling up quickly and I want everything clean before I even attempt to pack my own stuff. I'm so nervous that I'm going to forget something. Plus, I totally forgot about Easter. I guess I have to go out today and get some stuff for the girls because I won't have time when we get back.

We also had a ton of boxes delivered yesterday. If you're moving, check out Ebay for boxes. He got 30 big ones for a reasonable price, much less than he would have paid at a storage place or wherever else you get boxes. Or, I guess you could scrounge through the dumpster at the supermarket. Now I just need bubble wrap or something to keep all the glass stuff safe.

My last photoshop class is tonight and I'm not sure I really learned anything. I'm kinda disappointed. The teacher moved way too quick for me. We're supposed to bring in a picture or something specific we want to work on tonight. I can't decide what to bring. Last time I asked her how to create a vignette around an image. She didn't even know. I guess signing up for a class at a local high school wasn't the best idea. I might have to seek out a tutor or something.

Well, I'm off to clean some dishes. TTFN!


Melinda Zook said...

Photoshop is a great thing to learn. I remember taking a class at our University and the same thing, it started out at a nice pace and then wham, they flew through stuff. I basically got all I could out of it but I do wish I had time to go back and learn more.

Good luck in the Disney thing. I am so jealous! And you are moving too? Wowsers, you must be crazed.

Stacy said...

Oh dear, sorry about your class...I hope it didn't cost you too much. Have fun at Disney!