It's All About Me(me)

Mommy Off the Record tagged me a few days ago and I'm finally getting my ass in gear. This one sounded like fun so here goes ...

5 Things in my Fridge:
1. Iced Tea. My mom thinks of this as a summer drink so she never used to buy it in the colder months. Weird, huh?
2. Soy milk. We originally thought J was allergic to milk but she's been eating ice cream and yogurt without any ill effects so I'm not sure she really needs this anymore. Shit is expensive.
3. Watermelon. Can't get enough of it.
4. Hershey's chocolate syrup. Just had some on my ice cream. Yum!
5. Pickles. I'm not sure how long they've been there and I keep forgetting to throw them away.

5 Things in My Closet:
1. Shoes. I'm a girl, what did you expect.
2. Lots of hats. My sister works at an accessories company in Manhattan and she is constantly giving me cute hats ... and gloves ... and scarves ... belts.
3. Tons of clothes that don't fit. I buy stuff without trying it on and it never fits the way I want it to.
4. Precious Moments. Or at least pieces of them. I gave them to J one day because she said she wanted to play with them. I figured, "Hey, how much damage could she really do? Besides a few of them were from old boyfriends." Well, let's just say my shelf is a graveyard for broken ceramic limbs.
5. Hubby's comic book collection. Yup, you read that right. Boxes and boxes of comics. Thank goodness we have an enormous closet.

5 Things in my Purse:
1. My wallet. Duh!
2. A cell phone.
3. A datebook that I never even look at.
4. A plastic spoon. In case we are ever out and J needs to eat. Hey, the girl's got issues.
5. Receipts.

5 Things in my Car:
1. Old juice boxes
2. J's stroller
3. A notebook
4. Spare change
5. Dora's Chutes and Ladders

There you have it. Thrilling, I know.

Hey, if you're looking for some rockin' baby gear, check out Lollipop. I found a great place to get fun, stylish kid clothes. Also, did you know that J.Crew has a children's line called Crew Cuts?


Pattie said...

Hehheh...I just finished unpacking a box of those Precious Moments things. My girls wanted to play with them. I figured, like you did, how much damage CAN they do? well, duh on me....they are all broken. I must say, it did keep them quiet while I unpacked a bunch of boxes though. and really, they were sitting in a hope chest for the last 10 years...I am really trying to convince myself that it is OK they broke them...think it's working??? :)

Shannon said...

Mmmm... You reminded me I should make some sun tea.

dennis said...

you did say 'buy' the tea and not 'make' the tea right?

Of course I had a roomate in college that thought tea should be the same color and strength as Turkish Coffee...

So, considering the alternatives, buying might be better after all...

Mrs. Chicky said...

I have that same date book, the one that's never used. It always seems like such a good idea but then it starts collecting dust and before you know it a year has gone by, I forget I didn't like the damn date book and I buy a new one. Happens every year.

Sandra said...

You know the comic book thing reminds me of my husband. He has 8, yes EIGHT boxes of comic books. He's all proud of his X-Men #1 LOL He keeps them away from me though because he knows I would sell those babies real fast. LOL

Damselfly said...

Ooh, lucky. I love hats. Free hats are even better.

Mommy off the Record said...

I didn't know JCrew had a kids line. I'll have to check that out...

My husband was also into comic books. Luckily, though, they are all stored at his mom's house still. Probably not for long though.

KC said...

I have that same jar of pickles. I think it was back when I had weird pregnancy cravings. So, at least 15 MONTHS OLD. But, they're preserved right?

Christina said...

I totally understand the comic book box thing. My husband has somewhere over 20 boxes of comic books. I keep begging him to sell some of them, but he won't let go.

And yum, iced tea. I just finished my last pitcher - you reminded me that it's time to make another pitcher.

Missi said...

Oh, I live on sweet tea and your car sounds like mine. Chocolate syrup is a permenant fixture in my house. Kids would raise all kinds of hell without it.

chelle said...

Oooo accessories!!! I love them yet never wear them!

Liesl said...

Hee hee - I think we're sharing a fridge :) Only the iced tea here usually gets consumed long before it makes it back into the fridge.